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Best Way To Advertise On Instagram

Are you running a business online? A beautiful website is excellent. However, for it to be successful, you must advertise it.One excellent platform to advertise.

( comprar seguidores instagram Portugal) for your business is Instagram. Why is it an excellent option to use Instagram for business? First, it has more than 1 billion people active on it. That’s a massive market who are always connected to their mobiles.

The purchase of a product is just a tap away

Are you unsure of how to promote on Instagram? Please don’t be worried We’re here to help. Read our comprehensive guide below to find out how Instagram advertising operates and how to begin an advertisement campaign.

Sponsored Ads

First, you need to know the difference between sponsored posts. They are among the most popular kinds of advertisements on Instagram and are the ones you’ll have the most time and money for.

What are the sponsored Instagram posts? They are easy to identify because they sport the “sponsored” label and a call-to-action button on the top. It’s a sponsored article.

They are the most common types of ads. These posts usually include pictures or videos that link to your website’s landing page or product pages.

They’re similar in many aspects. They behave in a similar way to ads in many ways. They are similar to ads on Facebook. It’s even possible to use the Ads Manager to design and track these ads. But the primary difference is in the ads you can choose from.

Before we go into the various types of ads, we’ll first examine how to make an advertisement first.

How to Advertise on Instagram

The first step is to convert your Instagram account to a professional profile. You cannot access the Ads Manager feature without changing your personal or individual Account to an official account.

How to Advertise on Instagram

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This can be done by accessing your profile, settings your Account, and choosing the option to switch. You’ll see it in the middle of the page.

The next step involves connecting to Instagram. The other way is to connect Instagram to Facebook. Do not worry. You do not have to choose from the options that are already available to you. After you have switched to a Professional account, Instagram will ask you to immediately link the Account on IG with your Page on Facebook.

To do this, you’ll need to fill out some forms. In addition, you’ll have to enter your contact details.

Once you have that, you can connect to Ads Management. This tool allows you to design an advertisement. Once you’ve started the process, you’ll have to decide on your target audience, the best location, and your budget and timeframe.

The last step is to choose the type of advertisement you’d like to promote.

Types of Advertising on Instagram

There are nine kinds of ads available on Instagram. Some are used more often than others according to the response of your intended viewers. But, the four first below are likely to be your top choice:

Image Ads

These are the most frequent kinds of ads on Instagram. The ads will show up in the feeds of users. The ads appear like average posts but include an overlay with a call-to-action and the previously mentioned “sponsored” label. Clicking on the overlay will take users to a particular destination page, such as carts, product pages, or checkout pages.

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Since Instagram is a visual platform, it is essential to focus on ads that feature images the most. The good thing is that they are the most simple design because they require only one image per advertisement.

Text that is too long can diminish the effect of the image and could discourage users from clicking.

Carousel Ads

Are you a photographer with multiple images connected or create one story? Have you got a complete catalog of related products you’d like to promote through a single advert? If yes, then you can do this now with carousel advertisements.

These ads are made up of several images. But, you shouldn’t combine as many products that aren’t related into one carousel. Make sure the products or images shown correspond to one another.

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If, for instance, you have launched a limited discount on a range of women’s summer clothing, it is possible to use carousel ads to let the public know about the offer. Include a CTA link that will take them directly to the discounted items.

Stories Ads

Stories are short videos or images that are highlighted and disappear within 24 hours. They’re excellent snapshots of daily life for the majority of Instagram users. For businesses, however, they’re also excellent advertising tools.

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Stories Ads allows you to upload stories just as you usually would, but with the “swipe up” option. This lets you create a link that will take users to an online landing page. It is now possible to direct visitors to a product discount voucher offers page or a subscription page.

Video Ads

Video is among the top-viewed types of media in the present. In 2022, they’ll account for the majority of internet traffic. That’s the number of people who consume videos.

In the end, why do you read an article when you can absorb all the information you need in just a 5-minute video? Videos are faster and more stimulating.

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The process of setting up these ads works similarly to photos in the way that they work. It’s as simple as taking a single video and including additional details and a link. Be aware that it’s best to keep videos simple and easy to understand to ensure that people know the message before being attracted to scrolling through the feed.


IGTV (Instagram Television) is a separate corner distinct from the regular Instagram feeds. Its platform allows for longer-running videos and specifically designed video material. Your advertisements are displayed on the platform and will be shown when someone has watched the IGTV post.

Since these ads are displayed on mobile phones, be sure that you design your videos to provide a vertical view experience. Additionally, these videos can be only 15 seconds long, so make them brief without losing quality or entertainment value.

Content creators on Instagram can also decide to make IGTV ads appear on their Instagram videos. They’ll receive a fee to do this.

Explore Ads

The Explore page is where users of an Instagram visit to find new hashtags and accounts to follow or content similar to their interests. Instagram’s algorithm always ensures that users discover new content based on their behavior of users and their preferences.

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Explore Ads appear here. But, they will not show when a user scrolls through to the grid that displays gallery ideas. Instead, the ads will show when users tap on something they like on the Explore page and begin scrolling down to look through related posts.

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Fortunately, there is no need to develop new visual assets to run Explore Ads. Advertisements can be run using previously-used photos or videos.

Shopping Ads

Did you know that Instagram lets users shop through the platform without leaving? There are options that your company can use to allow customers to browse products without leaving the Instagram world.

Make the most of this opportunity by making use of Shopping Ads. These are ads that instantly connect customers to your Instagram store. Then they can browse and make purchases before returning to their Instagram feed.

Before creating an ad like this, you must fill out the Instagram Shopping Catalog. If you’re using the tools HootSuite, it is easy to connect your existing catalog to HootSuite. HootSuite dashboard.

Collection Ads

If you make advertising for shopping and include many videos or images similar to the carousel ads, You’ll end up with Collection Ads. They work just like traditional shopping ads, but with various photos and related products.

Reels Ads

Reels work in the same way as TikTok videos. These are shorter vertical videos, but like Stories Ads, these don’t disappear after a few days. Concentrating on creating video ads that don’t take too long and are straight to the main point would be best.

But, you must be extra cautious regarding Reels Ads as they last longer. When creating these videos, you select the appropriate music or sound effects.

However, the reels don’t seem to be accessible globally. The feature is only available to Europe, the US, the UK, France, and Canada.

Influencer Marketing on Instagram

Instagram marketing doesn’t have to be restricted to traditional ads. You can also collaborate with content creators who have amassed thousands, if not billions, of followers. Millions of people read their content. Imagine how efficiently they can promote your services or products to their social media followers.

What is influencer marketing? It’s dependent on the popularity of each influencer. A micro-influencer with around comprarseguidoresinstagramPortugalcould charge hundreds of dollars or offer discounts, but those with thousands of fans will cost far more.

Launch an Instagram Advertising Campaign Now

Now you are aware of how to market your brand on Instagram. Create a professional account, connect to your Facebook and then design different types of ads with Ads Manager. Ads Manager screen.

It is also possible to negotiate endorsement agreements with influential people. Of course, the process of marketing your business doesn’t have to stop here. If you also like this guide and thought it was helpful, Why not look through our other offerings? We cover a variety of marketing, technology, and business-related topics, ensuring you’ll get the advice and tricks you’re looking for!

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