Why Choose Python Over Other Programming Languages?

What is Python?

Python, simply put, is a programming language that was created in 1991 by Guido van Rossum. Since then, it has become one of the most commonly used programming languages, thanks to its wide range of features and capabilities as well as its suitability for both large-scale projects and smaller ones.

What is Python

There are a number of reasons why it’s superior to other languages, which this article will outline and then also discuss some other reasons why you should choose Python over other programming languages when hire python developers.

Jargons Are Easier to Understand

It is easier to understand programming jargon when you’re a beginner if it’s written in plain language. In general, code using python has many fewer lines to write compared to other languages, and its syntax is simpler. As such, it takes less time for a beginner to learn how to make use of python.

The code is mostly readable even by beginners and requires less effort on their part than other programming languages. This makes learning python much easier.

With that said, it also means that python can be used as an effective tool for teaching programming. Teachers can use examples from other codes written in different languages as well as show students examples from real-world scenarios to help them learn new concepts faster.

The readability of python means that there are fewer errors due to poor coding or misreading commands and statements. Programmers who are familiar with multiple languages will find it easy to pick up python since they have experience with similar structures within different programming codes like C++ or Java.

Code Is Readable and Easy to Maintain

One of the best things about programming in Python is that it looks a lot like writing English. This makes it much easier to read your code and maintain it. Compared to other programming languages, such as Java, C++ or PHP, you won’t need to use as many brackets and semicolons.

Thus making your code more readable and allowing you to spend less time trying to decipher confusing blocks of code. This is one of my favorite reasons for choosing python over other programming languages! I personally struggled with learning Java due to all of its brackets and semicolons. With python however, I never felt that way at all!

It Has Great Batteries Included

All three of Python’s default data types – integers, floating-point numbers and strings – provide built-in support for basic operations. Addition and subtraction are handled with a + or – operator; multiplication and division follow * and / respectively. Strings can be concatenated (glued together) using either an ampersand (&) or plus sign (+). And if you need to perform these functions on more than one value at once, you can use a loop. For example:

This is great news for beginners because it means they don’t have to memorize complicated syntax just to get started.

It Works Well With Other Tools

Python is incredibly well suited to act as a complement to larger programming efforts. There are tons of open-source tools built around python that, when combined with it, provide powerful functionality. One example is Django which is a free and open source web framework written in python that allows developers to create complex web applications rapidly and reliably.

Combine Django with cloud platforms like Heroku or Google App Engine, and you have all sorts of functionality that’s virtually guaranteed to work for years into your future.

No Need To Worry About Creating A New Language From Scratch

Python is a programming language that has been around for almost thirty years, meaning that it’s well-established and supported. The great thing about Python is that you can use it to create computer programs without having to worry about creating your own language first.

Python programming language

There are very few lines of code required to make even simple programs, which makes Python a great language for beginners and novices who want to jump right into coding without wading through pages of syntax requirements.

There Are So Many Resources Online, On Github, and in Books

Python has quickly become one of if not the most popular programming languages to learn. There are so many resources online, on Github, and in books. Not only is it popular to learn but its also one of THE MOST IMPORTANT languages to know as a software engineer.

popular programming languages

It allows you to write applications quickly while maintaining quality code due to its easy readability (which is extremely important). If you are interested in becoming a software engineer or just starting out then please use python!

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