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Best 5 Remote Job Sites That Are Global Applicants Friendly

“The world has become smaller.”

With the help of the thriving high-end technology and internet connection over the globe, our world is getting connected faster than ever in human history.

world has become smaller

Covid-19 definitely helped us realize we are more connected than we thought — virtually.

As a result of the severe strike of the virus on the entire planet, a new type of work arrangement has become the norm nearly all over the globe (at least to my knowledge) — that we typically call “Remote Work”.

What Is Remote Work

Remote work is a location-flexible working model where an employee works from a location away outside the business’s premises. This means that the employee does not have to necessarily commute to and from work every day.

Remote working can be done in a variety of flexible location settings, such as from home, a coffee shop, or a coworking space (even on the beach, YAY!). The benefits of remote working are less time spent commuting and more time spent on personal tasks or even more productive tasks at work.

As for how the current trends go in 2022, the popularity of remote work is growing rapidly. It is estimated that 22% of the entire workforce in the US will be turning into a remote work arrangement by 2025, according to the recent study of UpWork

It Is Tough to Find a Remote Job For You Living Outside The US

It will probably be a challenging task to land a remote job. And the chances to get hired and starting remote work become even slimmer if you live outside the US or the North American/European region since most of the companies that hire remote workers are based in the United States.

Certainly, they will prefer to hire the local people among the global group of job candidates from all the perspectives we can assume, such as the language, timezone, cultural understanding, and the internal unity with people who shares a similar culture and background traits of all.

Of course, there are remote offers you could come across, that are more global-citizen friendly. But sadly, it doesn’t change the fact that people from outside the US have a way more challenging time during their job hunting than those who reside in the US unless you work in IT or software development which has a high demand in the remote job market globally.

Still, Want to Work Remotely Outside the US?

It’s completely normal to expect some suffering and hardship before you’re landing a remote job if you reside somewhere out of the employers’ interests.

You may find yourself grinding out your work to discover a remote position available for your region, browsing a dozen of remote job sites every day, and disappointed at last that the most jobs you see are for only US citizens. It is easy to burn out and bring you down with the disappointing result for your hard work.

But the truth is that you might need to know that it’s not impossible to find work remotely. There are so many companies and remote teams worldwide looking for talents anywhere in the world. It’s just that it has been off your radar and you simply miss out on the opportunities.

P.S. So, look at the people from the Philippines or India that are working remotely as customer service agents on many SaaS platforms. See the people from Pakistan working as remote app

developers for companies located far away from where they are. Recently there is a rapidly rising demand for remote workforce in other general fields as well, such as Sales, Marketing, and more. Given the fact, there are quite a dozen of job sites that feature remote job offers available worldwide.

The job offers they feature are not only for certain popular fields like Software Development or Design but also plenty of job fields are offered by those sites.

It will definitely be a boon for you to check out the sites that specialize in “worldwide remote jobs” without location restrictions.

A Quick List of Location Restrictions Free Remote Job Sites

We Work Remotely

We Work Remotely
Source: has been around since 2007 and it is one of the longest presences in the remote job board industry. It offers various types of remote jobs in a dozen of different industries — from software engineer jobs to design, sales, and marketing jobs that can be carried out remotely.

The job board looks quite simple and straightforward in the user interface and it is a great perk that the novices can enjoy the easy navigation towards what they explore inside the sea of remote opportunities.
Source: is a sister site of which I didn’t add to this list as it’s a paid service and more of being US-citizen friendly.

Different from its sister site, is a wonderful site for job seekers to find remote opportunities free of charge and there are plenty of jobs updated every little while that are available in Korea as well as the global region.

I was thrilled when I found out that is a Korea-based remote search platform. The founder is a Korean too who certainly knows the pain of difficulty for Koreans and

other global neighbors outside the US and Europe in finding a remote job due to location restrictions or language barriers.

In light of the difficult (remote) job-seeking experience for non-US residents, he decided to found with his dedication to offering genuinely location-free remote work opportunities for global companions.

Furthermore, the job board’s free-of-charge policy for both job seekers and employers will definitely be a huge upside that recruiters, as well as job seekers, can capitalize on from the site.

Remote Ok

remote ok

Remote Ok is one of the fellow job boards that specialize in remote job openings for global candidates. The majority of jobs they showcase are tagged with “Worldwide” which means it’s available for the worldwide region.


Source: doesn’t exactly fall under the category of remote job board. But inclusive enough because this is one of the world’s biggest “freelance” marketplaces where anyone from around the world can join in and sell their “gigs”. (freelance skills)

As Fiverr defines, the freelancers on the platform are “sellers” who sell their gigs. And their skills are defined as “products” that they offer intellectually. It’s literally for anyone to turn their tiny small skills into being salable and makes from side hustle to a full-time income from home.

Wrapping Up

Besides the tiny group in the list, it isn’t very difficult to come across dozens of other remote job sites on the internet.

But the sites listed here are definitely the sites that are most global applicants friendly. You may want to capitalize on the listed sites rather than be brought down with a sense of restrictions about your location.

Best of luck on your journey to transitioning to a remote job!

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