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5 Steps to Fix Kamtron WiFi Security Camera Not Connecting To WiFi?

The Kamtron WiFi Security Camera is a high-quality device. In addition, it allows you to monitor your home or business remotely and receive text and email alerts when something is not right. However, in times of crisis, you can even manage your camera through a web browser or an app on your mobile device.

Although, Kamtron WiFi security surveillance camera also has a built-in microphone and speaker. It is ideal to have a camera that provides both audio and video. Also, this camera has a resolution of 720 x 480 pixels, which allows you to clearly see what is going on. This camera always records while turn on.

Moreover, the storage capacity is built into the Kamtron security camera. It means you don’t need to depend upon an external storage device. Besides, it is compatible with any device. Although, ONVIF Protocol is a word that is commonly used in the IP Video camera.

ONVIF, which stands for Open Network Video Interface Forum, is both a worldwide forum and a global standard that allows various surveillance and security systems from various manufacturers to work together effortlessly.

Why is a Kamtron WiFi Security Camera Not Connecting To WiFi?

One of the major reasons why people go for the Kamtron WiFi security camera is because of its WiFi connectivity. They want a way to monitor their home or business from anywhere. Unfortunately for a lot of users, this technology has failed them. If you are one of the users having trouble with your WiFi security camera, then you need to know the reasons before knowing the solutions.

  • WiFi coverage is insufficient. The Kamtron wireless IP CCTV may have a long distance from the wireless router on another internet device.
  • On the wireless CCTV, the wrong WiFi password will type.
  • You entered the incorrect IP address into the Kamtron WiFi IP camera.
  • The Kamtron camera lacks sufficient power, and WiFi cameras typically consume more power than normal IP cameras.
  • The KAMTRON WiFi security surveillance camera’s antennae are damaged. Check the antenna will be tight or correctly attached at your wireless router.
  • The security camera firmware version is outdated.

How to fix Kamtron WiFi Security Camera Not Connecting To WiFi?

Here are some solutions for the Kamtron security camera, just follow the below steps.

1. Inspect the Kamtron Camera Antennas

When the Kamtron camera fails to connect to WiFi, first check to see if the antennae are properly secured. Normally, the antennas are not attached to the camera when you get the product box. The antennae for the wireless WiFi security camera must be manually installed. Check that the wireless antennas will properly connect to the camera.

2. Make sure the password is correct

In the next solution, you have to verify enter the password is correct or not. Many times, the IP camera will not connect to WiFi or may fail to log in because of the password. Ascertain that the WiFi login password is accurate. You can easily get all the passwords from a lsit and mix them up. Check the password from the list and verify the WiFi password is correct or not.

3. Ensure the Kamtron WiFi Security Camera has sufficient power

Check to see if the wireless security camera is switched on. You have to examine the power supply to ensure it is in good operating order. In addition, verify that none of the wires are twisted or loosed. Also, need to check that the power outlet is well attached or worked.

If this type of process does not work properly then you need to replace the power battery and try to repeate again. Most wireless IP cameras have status LED lights to indicate whether or not the power lights are turned on.

4. Reset the Kamtron security camera

To resolve this kind of error, you have to completely reset the WiFi CCTV camera. To reset the camera, please hold the small PIN on the reset button. After a small interval of time, release the pin and you can check that your camera completely reset. Now, you have to complete the process of your kamtron wireless ip network camera setup.

5. Kamtron WiFi Security Surveillance camera setup

First of all, turn on the wireless IP camera and wait for the started tone. This should take about 30 seconds. Choose your WiFi network from the list and have to type your secure password, and then press the NEXT button. The router device now prepare to get a connection with the wireless IP camera. Next, Keep your phone close to the wireless camera and nedd to wait for your device to connect.

Change the camera’s password now. You may also give your camera a unique name. Enter your time zone and press APPLY. Your camera is connected to WiFi.

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