Springfit Mattress Types and What are The Benefits of it?

Springfit Mattress Types and What are The Benefits of it?

Considering that everyone spends at least one-third of their day on the mattress, this home accessory needs to be chosen with plenty of care and caution. A time-tested method entails taking account of your physiological health, particularly of the spinal cord and joints, and conducting research. Accordingly, you can check the various types of Springfit mattresses and pick one that would be most comfortable for you. 

Before you buy a Springfit mattress on the Bajaj EMI scheme, it is important to learn about the various types available in this niche. To render the task easier for you, discussed as follows are the different Springfit mattress types along with their pros and cons – 

Innerspring – Coils form the core of this mattress type, and these are wrapped in a relatively thin comfort layer which may consist of natural fiber, foam, latex, or any other material. Because the coils compress and expand as per the pressure of body weight, this mattress is known to provide adequate support to the spine and joints. 

Investing in this mattress on the Bajaj EMI option accrues the following benefits – 

  • Recommended for back-related problems owing to being designed to support the lumbar region;
  • Cost-effective option;
  • Offers choice in terms of firmness;

It may squeak a bit as the days turn into years, but the spinal and joint support continue unhindered, thus rendering it a good value for money. 

Foam – Every single layer in this Springfit mattress type is made of foam, thus rendering it comfortable. Going a step further, not only can you choose the type of foam, but also the number of layers, depending on how much support is required. Therefore, someone with a tender back can opt for a high-density foam mattress, while a person who enjoys sinking into the bed should go for softer options. 

Foam mattresses provide the following advantages – 

  • Regarded as being effective in alleviating joint pain;
  • Absorbs motion, which in turn results in less disturbance;
  • No squeaky noises owing to the total elimination of spring coils;
  • Most durable and long-lasting among all the mattress types;
  • Offers a certain degree of customization as per personal preferences;

The only drawback is that these have a tendency to retain heat. That being said, the foam Springfit mattress is still the best option for light sleepers and side sleepers. 

Hybrid – Combine both spring coils and foam within a single mattress, and what you get is a hybrid variety. On one hand, it combines the best of both worlds while effectively negating their drawbacks. On the other hand, this Springfit mattress type allows for plenty of diversity, as there is no limit to the type of material that can be combined with the coils. 

Although heavier than other mattress types, the hybrid variety comes with the following pros – 

  • Compared to a spring mattress, it is softer and also free from squeaky noises;
  • Owing to both coils and foam, it is sufficiently firm to avoid sinking in;
  • The hybrid contouring allows for both lumbar and joint support;
  • There is no heat retention, thus proving suitable for all climates;
  • A diverse range ensures that there is something for everyone;

Final thoughts

Other varieties of Springfit mattress types include pillow-top, waterbed, and air mattresses, all of which are specialized to serve specific functions. With so many varieties available, the onus of conducting comprehensive research on each type is your responsibility.

To ensure long-term good health and comfort, the duty of choosing one should be taken seriously. Suppose you pick a hybrid mattress on Bajaj Mall, and are wondering about how to pay, there is the option of buying a mattress on the Bajaj EMI scheme that you can avail of. Even though this type is top of the range, you can still acquire it by using the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card.

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