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8 Best Tips:Using Typography in Website Design

Typography on websites plays a crucial role in helping businesses communicate with their clients. With good typography, reading becomes effortless, which engages visitors and reduces bounce rate. A Perth website design company can tell you more about how developing an engaging website is crucial for your business.

How can you improve your typography?

How can you improve your typography?


Better typography refers to text that is easy to read, accessible, and usable. It should also balance out with the overall graphic of your website. Here is what you need to know about better typography:

Don’t go overboard: Keep the number of fonts that you use on your website to a minimum. This tactic helps you to focus the attention of your visitor and increases the efficiency of your website.

Standard may be better: While font embedding is easy, and thus allow you to have a lot of options when selecting a fine for your website, users are used to some standard fonts. Hence, they are able to read those fonts faster. Thus, it is best to stick to the typical fonts for your website unless it is imperative for you to use custom fonts.

Line length: The readability of your text is essential. This can be determined by the length of each line of your text. Shorter lines are easier to read. While longer lines may be filled with convoluting words, filled with pauses and may take the reader several reads to understand all at once; much like this one.

A versatile font: When selecting a typeface, you should opt for one which is readable in different sizes. This is important for users who may be accessing your website using smaller screens. Thus, you should select a font which is readable even when the text size has been reduced drastically to make your website more accessible.

Distinguishable letters: Some typefaces can make it challenging to distinguish between alphabets that are similar to one another, such as I and L, or when r and n placed side by side appear to be m. Hence, a typeface that has distinct characters is crucial.

All in caps: Some fonts are in all caps. Hence the letters are all capitalized which can make it difficult to read. Unless you are using all caps for texts which are short, and concise, all caps are not a good idea.

Optimum spacing: The space between each line of your text, also known as leading, should be optimum. Leading helps improve the readability of the text and should be around 30% more than the height of the characters of your font.

Blinking text: In order to make your website more accessible, you should avoid text which blinks. Not only can this be annoying for users to witness, especially if it’s a long text, but it can cause seizures. With specific susceptible individuals, blinking texts, flashing bright lights may lead to a seizure, and hence, websites should avoid them as much as possible.

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Mobile Web Design- What Lies in The Future?

Mobile Web Design

Most internet users have switched to using their mobile phones to browse the internet, rather than their PC. Hence, you will need to alter your web designing techniques to incorporate this change. The attention span of individuals on the web is decreasing. Therefore you need to ensure that your mobile web design is creative and engaging. Here is what you can do to improve your mobile web design and make it more futuristic:

Make the user the primary character: Take a cue from video games to help ensure that your visitor is engaged in your website. Allow them to take control of their journey on your site rather than pushing them towards certain areas. You can do this by allowing them to upload a picture of themselves or to write a personalized description.

Minimize distractions: Having too many elements on your page can not only make your website look cluttered and disorganized, but it can also distract the user. Mobiles do not have as much screen space as PCs do. Hence, you need to make sure that you minimize the area that you use on the website. Make use of icons or symbols to help a user navigate your website. For example, a hamburger icon can be used to view the menu, a cog can be used to access the settings page and so forth.

Subtle directions: There may be a specific area of the page where you want to direct your visitors, or you may want them to click a particular link. In this case, you can employ creative tactics such as employing a mascot, using animations, or even presenting viewers a video.

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