Walgreens Pharmacy Hours

About the Walgreens Pharmacy Hours

In the united states, Walgreens Pharmacy is widely known for its specialized healthcare services (US).

Walgreens sells beauty products, groceries and personal care throughout the country in all 50 states. There are 9300 stores across the country, with extra than 70% of them operating 24/7 and 365 days. In this article, we discuss about Walgreens Pharmacy Hours!

More About The Walgreens Pharmacy

The Walgreen organization, doing business as Walgreens, is an American corporation that owns the second one-largest pharmacy chain inside the USA.

Besides this, its headquarters are in Deerfield, Illinois, a Chicago suburb, where it was established in 1901.

Working Hours of Walgreens Pharmacy on Saturday and Sunday

Saturday Hours:

Opening: 9:00am Closing: 6:pm

Sunday Hours:

Opening:10:00am Closing:6:00pm

Regular Days Hours of Walgreens Pharmacy

The nearly constant operating hours are followed by over 9300 Walgreens places all year long. However, the general public of Walgreens Pharmacy Hours depend on the USA store locations.

The majority of of Walgreens Pharmacy locations open round 8 or 9 am and close at 7 or 8 pm. These are the Walgreens Pharmacy Hours from Monday to Friday of the workweek.

Opening hours of Walgreens Pharmacy

On Saturdays, most businesses open at 9 am however some may additionally do so at 10 am. Then again, on Sundays, most of the pharmacies open at 10 am.

Walgreens Pharmacy

The Walgreens pharmacy hours of operation may additionally vary primarily based on the place or for some other cause.

The pharmacies regularly stick to the same time table. However, there is a time distinction of at least 1 hour.

Closing hours of Walgreens Pharmacy

Walgreens Pharmacy generally adheres to the same closure routine from Monday to Friday. Relying at the location, they close at either 7pm or 8am.

While, on Sundays, most of the United States of America closes at 6 o’clock.

Photo Hours of Walgreens Pharmacy

Walgreens has an super image segment in nearly all stores. The Walgreens image hours are just like the grocery stores time. For immediately pictures, pictures revealed on Coffee mug and T-shirts, you may customize the design as consistent your convenience.

Walgreens Pharmacy Hours of Breakfast

There aren’t any specific breakfast hours for Walgreens employees. They’re given 2 breaks for 15 mins and a half of an hour break for lunch. Employees can use those hours for having breakfast or for a break.

Happy Hours of Walgreens

Walgreens glad hours are celebrated in some parts of the year. Happy hours are normally from 4pm – 7pm from Wednesday to Friday. The Walgreens celebrated the closing glad hours had been with the Coca-cola brand. In these happy hours you can get an nearly 50% discount on many products for a limited time.

Holiday Hours of Walgreens Pharmacy

Walgreens Pharmacy hours and holiday hours can also differ from vicinity to vicinity, however still, there are 1600 24- hour shops present throughout the country. You can believe Walgreens for the last minute buying and emergency drug. By the use of Walgreens shop locator, you could take a look at for the close by 24 hours shop. Yes, Walgreens is open 365 days a year. You can get your drug and groceries with none interruption on all the important days.

Time of Walgreens open and close on Thanksgiving Day

Walgreens Thanksgiving hours are identical like different days, manner it opens at 8pm.


Even for last-minute purchases with inside the major cities, you may locate one Walgreens save that operates 24 hours a day. 1600 shops are running 24 /7. Other shops have been normally closed via way of means of 9pm or 10 pm.

Closing time of Walgreens Pharmacy on Christmas Eve

Walgreens Christmas Eve hours are, it opens on 8am or 9am and closes on 9pm or 10pm as usual. They aren’t closed in throughout any holiday, and you could make the last-minute buy of drugs or groceries and gifts.

Easter hours of Walgreens Pharmacy

Walgreens hours on Easter are identical as its enterprise hours i.e., 8am to nine pm or 10 pm.

Walgreens Pharmacy Hours near me

Where is the nearest Walgreens? Walgreens pharmacy hours and keep hours near me may be observed without difficulty through the usage of the shop locator app.

walgreens pharmacy hours near me

The locator app will lead you to the close by shops inside a radius of 50 kilometers. As they provide the timings close to the address, you can find Walgreens 24 hours near me without difficulty.

Final Words:

Walgreens has greater than 9200 shops throughout the 50 states withinside the US. Of those shops, almost 1600 shops are working 24 hours, and they’re now no longer closed even at some stage in Thanksgiving, New Year, or Christmas Eve. Almost all of the Walgreens keep hours of operation are regular with the hole time at 8am and ultimate time round 10pm.

Walgreens shops are supplying tremendous provider to its clients with diverse alternatives like earlier than filling out prescriptions, App order, and fax from Doctors. Walgreens aren’t closed on Thanksgiving or Christmas Eve so you should purchase your drugs and groceries even on the final minute.

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